Saturday, January 14, 2012

Genesis Center Opening

Hi kids,

Went to the Grand opening of the NE Genesis Center. Pardon my exuberance but holy shit that place is cool!

Major kudos go to Alderman Stevenson and Major Nenshi who stayed well past the ceremonies to chat with people.

I approached both to say hi and mention the Farmers Market. Alderman Stevenson said "Excellent".
Mayor Nenshi said "Fantastic"

We have a solid commitment from the board at the Genesis Center and we are working details.

Now we need local farmers, ranchers, producers of quality goods.
Key words are local, sustainable, good quality.
If you want to part of this contact us at 403 244 2223
or email at

We will be June to Oct, Mondays from 3-8pm
Book for the season, month, or just a day

I'm totally jazzed. SEE YOU THERE.

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